Jul 22, 2014
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Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

— Robin Sharma  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Jul 20, 2014
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Disney Princesses as sloths.

but why

haha. AMAZING. katherinebryant


Jul 8, 2014
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Jul 6, 2014
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Jul 4, 2014
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Merriam-Webster on the 4th of July →


Last year a non-American asked if I consider myself patriotic. After many ums and ahs and caveats, I said yes. I told him that I feel about America the way I feel about family: I didn’t choose it, I can’t control or endorse everything it does, but I do love it.

This is an important 4th of July…

Jun 30, 2014
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Even more summer lovin’ from Marlys!

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Jun 25, 2014
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This is… well, I don’t know what I think of this exactly, except that I liked it. 

And yes, Max Landis is John Landis’ son. 

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We cover the tables with paper in the summer for kids to color on. This is today’s gem.

We cover the tables with paper in the summer for kids to color on. This is today’s gem.

Jun 24, 2014
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every time


every time

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Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈnɒvlti/ , U.S. /ˈnɑvəlti/

Etymology: < Anglo-Norman and Middle French novelté new situation (c1160 in Old French), Middle French, French nouveauté innovation, change (1280), character of that which is new (1280), something new (end of the 14th cent.), fashionable finery or fabric (1694), (plural) fabric of an unusual colour or design (1868) < novelnovel adj. + -té-ty suffix1.

a. Something new, not previously experienced, unusual, or unfamiliar; a novel thing.

b. A new custom or practice; an innovation.

c. Usu. in pl. News; tidings. Obs.

d. Innovation in thought or belief; heresy; (also) an instance of this.

e. An often useless or trivial but decorative or amusing object, esp. one relying for its appeal on the newness of its design.


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